Idaho Chapel Exempt From Performing Mock Weddings

HitchingPostLast week we blogged about a city in Idaho threatening to jail two ministers at a chapel because they refused to perform homosexual “marriages.” According to the Religion News Service, the ACLU said it won’t legally challenge the business “as long as the chapel only operates as a religious establishment.”

It seems the Hitching Post changed its business status to “religious corporation,” which exempts it from the local non-discrimination” ordinance.

The Arizona-based Alliance Defending Freedom, the conservative group representing the couple in a lawsuit against the city, said the Hitching Post is not a nonprofit religious organization like a church, but rather is a religious for-profit limited liability company like a Bible publisher.

Greg Scott, an ADF spokesman, said police in Coeur d’Alene called the couple on Thursday to investigate a possible violation of the city’s 2013 anti-discrimination ordinance.

City police received a call from a married individual in Massachusetts complaining that she wanted to have a ceremony at the Hitching Post but was refused, according to a police report. Police called the owners as part of their standard procedure, said Keith Erickson, a city spokesperson.

Christian business owners should be exempt from such nonsense ordinances even if they don’t have a religious designation. They face fines, bankruptcy, and in some cases, jail, for refusing to facilitate the mocking of the institution of marriage. I’ll wait, patiently, for the homosexual lobby to go after Muslim business owners who also refuse to profane marriage.

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