WATCH: Ken Blackwell Warns What Will Happen If GOP Leaders Don’t Defend Trump

Liberals resisting a conservative president is par for the course, but where are GOP leaders? Why isn’t a “big time” leader rushing to the president’s aid in the wake of Russian-collusion accusations and other so-called scandals?

Fox News host Charles Payne asked the question, and Ken Blackwell, who served as a domestic policy adviser for President Donald Trump’s transition team, answered.

Quoting Benjamin Franklin’s play on words, Blackwell said if the GOP leaders don’t hang together with the president, they’ll hang separately. After the media are done with the president, they’ll come after the Republican majorities in Congress.

“This underscores something,” Blackwell said. “Donald Trump is a major disruptor of the status quo and business as usual. And my uncle used to always tell me, Charles: ‘Dogs don’t bark at parked cars.'”

Bucking against business as usual has caused a very powerful and sustained response from the opposition, Blackwell added. President Trump needs his party’s support.

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  1. Capitol Hill republicans didn’t largely support Trump during campaign. Don’t expect support now.

    • Perzactilly! There are so many in that “Gratuitous Old Putzes” outfit that have need of ‘denutting,’ just as animals in the wild do to prevent the “weak” from reproducing. They have been such feckless, genuflecting, democrat lite, enablers of all things “progressive,” for the past fifty-odd years, that now America is about as recognizable as the preeminent country in the world as that of Greece! They BETTER pull it together, or what follows will look nothing like pitch forks and rakes marching on that puzzle palace!

  2. “…. they’ll come after the Republican majorities in Congress.” Uhuh! The media won’t have to, those 62-3 million that voted for Trump WILL! If these milky toast weasels think those “paid for demonstrations” in the streets are bad, how will ANARCHY look? What ANYBODY voting for Trump wants to happen is for SOMEBODY, with a BIG club, gather all 290 (House & Senate GOP’rs) in one room. Once there, kick azzes, and take names, until EVERY swingin’ limp brain comes out of there UNITED to act for America and Americans!! This is a WAR to regain some semblance of our country. Democrat Lite aint-a-gunna-cut it – any such remaining in this “limp wristed” GOP should be ‘hospitalized’ until the WAR is over! You have been given THE POWER, quit playing tiddlywinks(a.k.a. I’ll trump your special prosecutor with two of mine), get off your fat azzes, use the nuclear option, or whatever it takes, and GIT-ER-DUN! Blood in the water, boys and girls, ANARCHY, just check the streets, is right around the corner…