A Woman Asked a Woman Nominated to the High Court Because She’s a Woman to Define ‘Woman’ — She Said No, Because She’s Not a Biologist

Woman: adult female. The opposite of the definition of the word man.

During Wednesday’s U.S. Supreme Court nominee hearing, Rep. Marsha Blackburn asked a woman seeking a seat on the highest court in the nation — nominated by President Joe Biden because she’s black and a woman — whether she could provide the definition of woman.

Ketanji Brown-Jackson repeated the lawmaker’s question. The lawmaker confirmed that is what she asked.

“No, I can’t,” a potential Supreme Court justice said with a straight face.

Blackburn: You can’t?

Brown-Jackson: Not in this context. I’m not a biologist.

Answering a straightforward question needs a certain context? Could she define the word cat or dog in the context of the hearing, or would she fall back on “I’m not a biologist”? What about the word pedophile? Would Brown-Jackson need a certain context to define that word? Would one need to be a psychologist?

Brown-Jackson has stated for the record that she can’t define a word with a biological component (but with many others as well) because she doesn’t have the professional qualifications of a biologist.

Brown-Jackson’s answer was ridiculous, of course. She certainly knows what a woman is, but she fears the wrath of the homosexual and “transgender” mob if she gave the answer she’d give to anyone outside a heated nomination hearing. Leftists would say she refused to answer because it was a trick question. That’s how far how society has sank into cultural rot and mob rule. Being asked to define something inherent about a human being is a trick.

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  1. She can’t tell the Difference between a man and a Woman.
    How will She be able to determine the difference between Rights and Wrongs?

    • “What is a woman?” Judge Ketanji Bown Jackson should’ve recited a portion of Sojourner Truth’s famous speech.

  2. Do we really want a SCOTUS Justice who fears the wrath of “Rachel,” “Lia,” et al.?!