We Must Support Female Athletes Willing to Speak Up About the Unfairness (and Absurdity?) of Men on Women’s Sports Teams

We need women to fight back against the warped “transgender” agenda to allow men pretending to be women to compete on women’s sports teams and physically dominate them.

When these women do fight back, we must give them all the support we can, because the homosexual lobby is waiting to pounce on anyone who states facts and opinions they don’t like. People with the wealth and influence of someone like author J.K. Rowling are immune to a cancel-culture mob of leftists. Individuals who just want to go about their lives and attend school or work to support themselves and their families — which describes most of us — are easier to intimidate.

Former high school track runners in Connecticut — Selina Soule, Chelsea Mitchell, Alanna Smith, and Ashley Nicoletti — were not intimidated. They fought back against their state’s “transgender” policy, despite the hate they received. They filed a lawsuit against the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference for allowing two male students to compete against them on the team and steal their opportunities for victory. They also filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education under the Trump administration, which declared that the policy violated Title IX and threatened to withhold funds unless the state rescinded it.

A court dismissed their lawsuit, and the Biden administration is not defending these women.

Reka Gyorgy of Virginia Tech finished 17th in a race that included a man calling himself Lia Thomas at the NCAA 500-yard freestyle meet. In a letter to the NCAA, she wrote:

I swam the 500 free at NCAA’s on March 17th, 2022 where I got 17th which means I didn’t make it back to the finals and was first alternate. I’m a 5th year senior, I have been top 16 and top 8 before and I know how much of a privilege it is to make finals at a meet this big. This is my last college meet ever and I feel frustrated. It feels like that final spot was taken away from me because of the NCAA’s decision to let someone who is not a biological female compete. I know you could say I had the opportunity to swim faster and make the top 16, but this situation makes it a bit different and I can’t help but be angry or sad. It hurts me, my team and other women in the pool. One spot was taken away from the girl who got 9th in the 500 free and didn’t make it back to the A final preventing her from being an All-American. Every event that transgender athletes competed in was one spot taken away from biological females throughout the meet.

A word of unsolicited advice for women determined enough to publicly complain about this treatment: refer to a man, even if he’s pretending to be a woman, as “he” and “him,” not “she” and “her.” Lia Thomas is a man, which is the whole basis of the complaint.

Gyorgy’s opportunity to compete and win at this level is lost forever.

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