Kevin Hart and the Left’s War on Heterosexuality

Can we stop pretending that heterosexual and homosexual relationships are equal? They’re not. And to say otherwise, doesn’t make you homophobic. It makes you logical. If a married couple had 12 kids but they constantly catered to the wants of one of their children, while ignoring the needs of the others, wouldn’t you say that child is spoiled?

According to a 2015 study that appeared in Gallup, titled “Americans Greatly Overestimate Percent Gay, Lesbian in U.S.” just 3.8 percent of the population identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Anecdotally speaking, I believe the percentage is even lower given how many parents of teens I know whose kids have experimented with same-sex encounters, only to exclusively date the opposite sex later.

Recognizing and expressing the importance of heterosexual marriage doesn’t make you a bigot! It’s still possible to love, respect and appreciate the attributes of gay individuals, as well as recognize their contributions to society, without condoning their sexual lifestyle or giving them preferential treatment over straight couples.

It’s foolish to ignore the differences between gay and straight couples. The most obvious difference between the pairings is heterosexuals can produce babies. Gay couples cannot. Also, not only are the male and female bodies complementary to one another, but so are male and female traits. This explains why even amongst gay and lesbian couples, one partner assumes the male role.

But there’s more. A column that appeared on titled “Kids Need a Mom and a Dad – That’s What the Research Shows,” notes that children who grow up in a home with their biological mom and dad have all sorts of advantages. These include the fact they live longer, are healthier both physically and psychologically; they do better in school; they’re more likely to graduate high school and attend college; they’re less likely to live in poverty and get in trouble with the law; they’re less likely to drink or do drugs; they’re less likely to be violent or sexually active; they’re less likely to be victims of sexual or physical violence; and they’re more likely to have a successful marriage when they’re older.

Before you label Focus on the Family a bunch of bigots, you should know that the research was supported by left-wing organizations, including the Brookings Institute – a left-leaning think tank. Knowing the benefits of heterosexual marriage, isn’t it worth fighting to preserve and promote male-female relationships?

Still, there’s another reason to intentionally promote heterosexuality. Male-female relationships are necessary to sustain a stable population growth rate and a vibrant economy.

Let me explain. For a nation’s economy to be sustained and grow, the number of babies born must exceed the aging population – 30 and older. That way our workforce is constantly replenished. In the early 20th century, the “Total Fertility Rate (TFR)” for America was over 3 (average number of children per woman), before declining to replacement levels of 2.1 in the 1940s, reaching a peak in the post-WWII baby boom era of 3.7, and then returning to stable levels in the 1970s. America’s replacement level today still stands at 2.1, yet its TFR is only at 1.76. Like China and Russia, this could prove to be disastrous for our economy long term if it’s not corrected.

Despite this overwhelming evidence illustrating the necessity of men and women to have babies to save America, the left has chosen to weaponize the gay community in an endless quest for power.

Actor/comedian Kevin Hart is only their latest victim after old jokes and tweets resurfaced online before he was scheduled to host the Oscars. Despite, his current support for the LGBT community, their activists are out to destroy him. He’s being labeled a “homophobe.”

There’s no real medical condition called “homophobia” that can be cured by medicine or counseling. In fact, it’s absurd and sick to suggest that anyone has a legitimate fear of gays. Along with gay activists themselves, most Americans want to keep government out of their bedrooms. Therefore, it’s safe to say the left’s use of the word “phobia,” when it’s associated with the gay community, has nothing to do with a recognizable fear. Instead, leftists use the term “homophobic” as a tactic to censor dissent and make themselves feel morally superior to the religious right. Additionally, they want dissenters to be forced into wholehearted approval of their lifestyle. So much for equal rights; they want submission.

If the militant activists in the LGBT community have their way, heterosexuality will be viewed as abnormal and a detriment of our society. Thus, for our survival and theirs, we mustn’t let them win their war on heterosexuality.

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  1. Do the math again but include all the babies Aborted by Planned Parenthood we would probably be at a sustainable percentage!

  2. All the problems of the world would disappear if we all became homosexuals for two generations.