WATCH: What Congressional Democrats Will Do in January — But This Conservative Has a Message for Them

Deneen Borelli did warn us what would happen if the Democrats won the U.S. House of Representatives.

They’ve moved from resisting and obstructing President Trump to trying to destroy him.

“Democrats are going to use House committees to conduct hearings and investigations in a desperate attempt to damage President Trump,” Borelli said. “I’m betting Democrats will use special counsel Robert Mueller’s finding to try to impeach President Trump.”

But all is not lost. Watch the brief clip.

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  1. BEWARE minority communities. Elizabeth Warren is on the warpath trolling minority communities for their votes. This is the above the law liberal progressive who has lied her whole life, stealing diversity positions from true minority individuals, by claiming to be a Native American – that is until she gained tenure at Harvard and then her claim was left by the wayside.
    President Obama created a phony position for her and had her “lead” the Occupy Movement until it went South and she ran North to get away from it.
    She has stated that she is running for President in 2020 even though her “hometown” newspaper has pulled their support from her
    She is the second most despicable individual on earth – Hillary Clinton being number one.
    Beware of these vagrants entering your community trying to steal your vote.

    • Warren on the Warpath, lol. Is that a Native American slur? I’m with you!

      • I don’t think it’s a slur, after all she’s not a real Native American. I threw it in for a chuckle. (No I’m not making fun of Schumer):)