North Carolina Lawmakers Just Overrode Gov. Roy Cooper’s Veto of Bills to Protect Women and Children

Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina in July vetoed bills that would protect children from “gender-affirming care” and fairness in women’s sports.

He accused the Republican members of the legislature of “scheming for the next election” for trying to protect children from irreversible decisions they could regret for the rest of their lives. So-called gender care includes puberty blockers and gender mutilation.

The legislature also sought to protect the integrity of competition in women’s sports. A swimming event is not competitive for women when they have to try to out-swim a man.

Fortunately, the legislature has the votes to override Gov. Cooper’s veto, and that’s exactly what lawmakers did this week. So far, 22 states protect children from procedures that could render them sterile.

If you’re a male athlete pretending to be a woman, you cannot compete on women’s sports teams in North Carolina. If your son has told you he wants to stop puberty because he feels like a girl, you’ll have to move to a state that allows puberty blockers.

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  1. The bright side is that Gov Cooper is term limited and will no be running in 2024.