Liberals' Use of Black People

deblasio_700Back in the day, when hunting was the major source of food, hunters often used stalking horses as a means of sneaking up on their quarry. They would walk on the opposite side of the horse until they were close enough to place a good shot on whatever they were hunting. A stalking horse not only concealed them but also, if their target was an armed man and they were discovered, would take the first shot. That’s what blacks are to liberals and progressives in their efforts to transform America — stalking horses.

Let’s look at some of the ways white liberals use black people. One of the more obvious ways is for liberals to equate any kind of injustices suffered by homosexuals and women to the black struggle for civil rights. But it is just plain nonsense to suggest any kind of equivalency between the problems of homosexuals and women and the centuries of slavery followed by Jim Crow, lynching, systematic racial discrimination and the blood, sweat and tears of the black civil rights movement.

The largest and most powerful labor union in the country is the National Education Association, with well over 3 million members. Teachers benefit enormously from their education monopoly. It yields higher pay and lower accountability. It’s a different story for a large percentage of black people who receive fraudulent education. The NEA’s white liberals — aided by black teachers, politicians and so-called black leaders — cooperate to ensure that black parents who want their children to have a better education have few viable choices.

Whenever there has been a serious push for school choice, educational vouchers, tuition tax credits or even charter schools, the NEA has fought against it. One of the more callous examples of that disregard for black education was New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s cutback on funding for charter schools where black youngsters were succeeding in getting a better education.

That was de Blasio’s way of paying back New York’s teachers union for the political support it gave him in his quest for the mayor’s office.

White liberals in the media and academia, along with many blacks, have been major supporters of the recent marches protesting police conduct. A man from Mars, knowing nothing about homicide facts, would conclude that the major problem black Americans have with murder and brutality results from the behavior of racist policemen. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, there are about 200 police arrest-related deaths of blacks each year (between 300 and 400 for whites). That number pales in comparison with the roughly 7,000 annual murders of blacks, 94 percent of which are committed by blacks. The number of blacks being murdered by other blacks is of little concern to liberals. Their agenda is to use arrest-related deaths of blacks to undermine established authority.

Liberals often have demeaning attitudes toward blacks. When Secretary of State John Kerry was a U.S. senator, in a statement about so many blacks being in prison, he said, “That’s unacceptable, but it’s not their fault.” Would Kerry also say that white prison inmates are also faultless? Johns Hopkins University sociologist Andrew Cherlin told us: “It has yet to be shown that the absence of a father was directly responsible for any of the supposed deficiencies of broken homes. … (The problem) is not the lack of male presence but the lack of male income.” The liberal vision is that fathers and husbands can be replaced by a welfare check.

Liberals desperately need blacks. If the Democratic Party lost just 30 percent of the black vote, it would mean the end of the liberal agenda. That means blacks must be kept in a perpetual state of grievance in order to keep them as a one-party people in a two-party system. When black Americans finally realize how much liberals have used them, I’m betting they will be the nation’s most conservative people. Who else has been harmed as much by liberalism’s vision and agenda?


Photo credit: greenelent (Creative Commons)

WalterWilliamsWalter E. Williams is a professor of economics at George Mason University.

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  1. Always enjoy Mr. Williams pieces, Today is no different. I think what is missing is the ability to think critically. It seems we live in a world where no one takes the time to research todays critical topics. We pick up some “bumper sticker” one liner and go around repeating it as if it’s the truth when we really don’t know if it’s the truth or not.

  2. Wonderful essay. Now the word must get out. Information that is irrefutable must be compiled and given out in a readable and understandable construct that highlights the injustice being done to the black community in the name of rich, powerful politicians keeping their jobs by keeping the rest of us fighting with each other while they, the rich, take all the money to the bank.

  3. Walter E. Williams, “The Man In The Iron Mask.” The Musketeers, unfortunately, were too late in revealing the ‘usurper’ on our throne! Had the ‘true’ president been revealed early enough, the country might have ‘started’ at least a slow turn back to being run “constitutionally.”

    “The War between the States settled by force whether states could secede. Once it was established that states cannot secede, the federal government, abetted by a Supreme Court unwilling to hold it to its constitutional restraints, was able to run amok over states’ rights, so much so that the protections of the Ninth and Tenth Amendments mean little or nothing today. Not only did the war lay the foundation for eventual nullification or weakening of basic constitutional protections against central government abuses, but it also laid to rest the great principle enunciated in the Declaration of Independence that ‘Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.'” Walter Williams

    And, the choir shouted in unison – AMEN!

  4. I think the breakup of the family was an unfortunate event caused by a number of factors, including the “victimization” culture that democrats use to keep black people on their rolls but it is also the big government authoritarian principals endorsed by both parties such of law without reason, and breaking laws for the “greater good”. For instance the illegality of drugs sold in the black community and the strident enforcement of such laws results in a majority of the deaths between black people. “Follow the laws even if they make little sense” is a concept that never works to defer that personal choice. each time the government wages a war against personal choice the results is more violence, death, poverty, and destruction. See: The Prohibition Era, Jim Crow Laws, War on Drugs, War on Poverty, It’s socialism in it’s most sinister form.