Lori P. Hoye: Abortion Stops a Beating Heart

“[A] Bright flash of light marks [the] incredible moment life begins when sperm meets egg”1

“A new human being (a human embryo) begins to exist at the beginning of the fertilization process…The single-celled human embryo is THE SAME human being as the 25-year old and the 100-year old human senior who biologically developed over time from that same single-cell human being.”2

The baby’s heart starts to beat 22 days after conception.3

As I consider the uniqueness of each human life, Georgia’s Heartbeat bill comes to mind. The Georgia Heartbeat bill recognizes the child in utero as a separate and distinct person. The Personhood of the child in the womb is an inconvenient truth that Black Democrat politicians and Black female entertainers fail to acknowledge in their efforts to defeat this bill.

ABORTION as defined: “The act of miscarrying, or producing young before the natural time, or before the fetus is perfectly formed.”4


Abortion is the number one cause of death in the Black Community. According to the CDC, abortion stops over 643 Black hearts from beating every day (excluding the largest abortion state, California)5, while the Guttmacher Institute states abortion stops over 710 Black hearts from beating every day.6  ABORTION STOPS A BEATING HEART!

Black Democrat politicians hold to the tired rhetoric of “safe, legal and rare” when it comes to abortion, yet the 62 percent abortion rate for Black women in Georgia is completely ignored.7 ABORTION STOPS A BEATING HEART!

Black Democrat politicians claim Black women will suffer if there are any restrictions on abortion, yet they dismiss that Black women are facing an under reported 30 percent triple-negative breast cancer (TNeg) risk regardless of age or body mass index.8 ABORTION STOPS A BEATING HEART!

“Between 1980 and 2005, the U.S. preterm birth (PTB) rate rose by 43 percent. Black American women have triple the risk of an early preterm birth (EPB) and four times the risk of an extremely preterm birth (XPB) as non-black American women.”9

“Vacuum aspiration abortions (VAA) have never been shown to be safe in animal studies. Use of a procedure that has not been shown to be safe is a violation of the Nuremberg Code of ethics on human research and experimentation.”10

“In 1980, 7 years after Roe v. Wade, the U.S. PTB rate was 8.9%. It increased steadily to 12.7% in 2005.2.”11 ABORTION STOPS A BEATING HEART!

On screen these Black female entertainers portray loving mothers who care for their families and even go to extremes to protect them from harm. Yet, when it comes to the lives of real Black children, they have little concern for protecting these innocent Black lives from the violence and destruction of abortion. ABORTION STOPS A BEATING HEART!

Over 20 million Black lives have been lost in the last 52 years since the legalization of abortion in America (1967 – California, Colorado and Mississippi).12 Over 42 percent of the Black population (47.4 million) has been lost to abortion.13 ABORTION STOPS A BEATING HEART!

These misguided Black Democrat politicians and Black female entertainers are part of the Negro Project 2.0, promoting the unconscionable destruction of their own race.

ABORTION STOPS A BEATING HEART! Without life, nothing matters.

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  1. Abortion is murder, nothing more, nothing less…..