Louisiana Chooses to Protect Girls’ and Women’s Privacy and Safety — ALL States Must Do the Same

Governor Jeff Landry of Louisiana just signed a bill into law that protects women’s spaces from men acting out their sexual fantasies of being “women” and violating women’s privacy and safety, effective August 1.

“Biologically based definitions of sex have been consistently applied since
our nation’s founding,” reads the Women’s Safety and Protection Act (PDF). “Decades of opinions from the Supreme Court of the United States have upheld the argument that biological distinctions between male and female are a matter of scientific fact, and biological sex is an objectively defined category that has obvious, immutable, and distinguishable characteristics.”

The law recognizes the definitions and familiar uses of words. A boy is a human male who is a minor. A father is a parent who is of the male sex. And so on.

Women and girls are more susceptible to violence from men, including sexual assaults. Single-sex facilities for women, especially domestic violence shelters, must exclude men for their safety, even men wearing dresses and make-up. Louisiana lawmakers passed this law to bar men from these spaces, regardless of want they pretend to be.

The Biden administration issued final rules in April that codified the Title IX “guidance” issued early in the Biden administration to expand the definition of the word “sex” in anti-discrimination law to include sexual orientation and “gender identity.” In practice it means that any boy or man who wants access to girls and women is allowed access to their private restrooms and changing rooms.

“This radical social experiment, which especially harms children and women fleeing abusive situations, flies in the face of common sense and even the plain language of Title IX and other federal laws,” said Matt Sharp, director of the Alliance Defending Freedom Center for Public Policy. “Letting men into women’s spaces—whether at public schools, correctional facilities, or domestic violence shelters—is an invasion of privacy and a threat to their safety.”

Louisiana’s previous governor, John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, vetoed a bill last June that would bar puberty blockers and genital mutilation surgery for minors. Lawmakers overrode his veto the following month.

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  1. PTL 4 Courage 2stand up n speak out for our TRUE Bio 101 Ladies.
    One generation rebels in ignorance towards our Lord. The next generation runs in immorality wout fear of our Lord. Now there’s a generation of irrationality that is simple minded, scoffs at Truth n scorns those who are right.

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