Prepare to Stand Your Religious-Freedom Ground Over the 'Equality Act'

BathroomsMentallyImpairedThey have “marriage.” They’ve brought down the boot of the government on Christian business owners. Churches and other religious organizations might have to give up their tax-exempt status. What more could the homosexual lobby possibly want?

Total compliance. Short of controlling how and what people think (impossible…for now), they want to suppress all disapproving utterances. Remember how in the old communist countries people reported others to the government for speaking against the state or dear leader?

Ryan T. Anderson at the Daily Signal noted that liberal lawmakers in Congress introduced the so-called Equality Act. This bill would give homosexuals and men pretending to be women, and vice versa, even more special rights, similar to a defeated bill called the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. An excerpt:

The Advocate also reports that the “Equality Act” would require that “sex-segregated facilities must admit individuals in accordance to their gender identity.” That’s right: the bill would require biological males who identify as women to be able to use women’s bathrooms and locker rooms.

As I explain in “Truth Overruled,” [Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity] laws can have serious unintended consequences. They threaten small-business owners with liability for alleged “discrimination” based not on objective traits, but on subjective and unverifiable identities. They expand state interference in labor markets, potentially discouraging job creation. They endanger religious liberty and freedom of speech. And they mandate employment policies that, with regard to many workplace conditions, violate common sense.

The endgame is to shut down all dissent with the threat of fines, loss of livelihood, or, extreme as it might sound now, jail. It’s stunning how quickly society has degenerated. What was unthinkable even 10 years ago has become the norm…at least in the minds of leftists.

Cities across the country have so-called non-discrimination ordinances in place. The city council in Charlotte, North Carolina, defeated attempts to impose this loss of liberty on the people.

Homosexuals have the same civil rights as everyone else. What they want is to stop Christians from criticizing what God calls sin. They want Christian business owners, for instance, to allow a man pretending to be a woman to use the women’s restroom. Concepts like religious freedom, modesty, privacy, and safety apparently are “homophobic” or “transphobic” (hard to say it with a straight face, isn’t it?).

More from the Daily Signal:

Establishing special privileges based on gender identity is an especially bad idea. Prohibiting schools, businesses and charities from making decisions about transgender students, faculty and employees—especially regarding those in positions of role models—could be confusing to children and detrimental to workplace morale.

First, while issues of sex and gender identity are psychologically, morally and politically controversial, all should agree that children should be protected from having to sort through such questions before they reach an appropriate age.

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  1. So the argument here is that if your religion requires you to discriminate against and harass a class of people the first amendment gives you a right to do that and I just have to sit there and take it. I, for one, am happy that most people disagree with you.