Republicans Might Laugh at Ocasio-Cortez — Here’s Why They Should Stop and Pay Attention

Lawrence Jones, editor-on-chief of Campus Reform, appeared on Fox News recently to expose what Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s constituents think about her ideas.

People should “be afraid,” Jones said. Ocasio-Cortez is advocating that people who work hard should give their money to “the poor.” Jones added that the people he spoke with agreed with her when she implied that it’s more important to be “morally right” than factually correct.

While conservatives and Republicans might laugh at Ocasio-Cortez, Jones said it’s no laughing matter. “She is winning when it comes to drawing more people in. I think we should be concerned, especially for the younger generation, which I cover all the time.”

We’re swinging toward socialism, Jones said, and Ocasio-Cortez is getting a lot of support. Watch the clip for more.

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  1. Let’s demand that Ocasio-Cortez donate 70% of her congressional salary to the poor. Then we’ll see where the rubber hits the road. That is the tax rate she is proposing for the wealthy.

    • Amen! She wouldn’t think of it. But then again, she just might if Soros or others offer to

      pay her bills.