Sheriff David Clarke Calls This A White House Failure

Last week a Muslim ambushed Officer Jesse Hartnett in West Philadelphia, striking him three times in the arm. Edward Archer, in custody, said he shot Officer Hartnett in the name of Islam. He pledged allegiance to ISIS during questioning. He converted to Islam while in prison.

Sheriff David Clarke recently appeared on Fox News to talk about this incident and the Islamic threat in general.

“We’re under attack here in the United States. It’s not just law enforcement officers, but it’s also citizens. We saw San Bernardino. We saw Fort Hood. We saw Chattanooga, Tennessee. We saw it in Boston. We saw it in Garland, Texas. And it just continues on and on and on. It is the failure of this White House administration to understand what the threat is, to admit what the threat is, and to apply appropriate interventions.”

Police ambushes and terrorist attacks are not about gun control or background checks. 

“This is about Islamic terror.” The sheriff said Archer should be tried for treason, as an enemy combatant. “He should be held at Gitmo. He forfeited U.S. citizenship as far as I’m concerned. He should not have access to the U.S. courts. He should be tried by a military tribunal.”

What should happen to Archer if he’s convicted? Watch the clip for Sheriff Clarke’s stunning answer.


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  1. The Whitehouse may as well be renamed a mosque since Obama (born into Islam for life) has surrounded himself with the Muslim Brotherhood and his puppet master is Jarrett (a dyed in the wool Muslim and Muslim Brotherhood supporter)