Sheriff David Clarke: The One Thing Blacks Haven’t Overcome

Sheriff David Clarke said that liberals’ failed urban policies have wrecked Milwaukee, the city in which he was raised.

“Milwaukee used to be a strong, middle-class city…Lot of jobs. Good education system. That’s all been flipped over the last 50 years. We’re now the sixth poorest city in America for a city of its size, with one in every four people living in poverty. You have a failing K-12 public education system. We’re one of the worst in the nation. You have massive black unemployment. You have dysfunctional families.”

This has happened to Milwaukee and other cites — exacerbated under the progressive idea of how to run cities.

Solutions? Shrink the size of the underclass, the sheriff said. How do we do that?

“Stop funding all of this dysfunction. Stop funding this growth of government in the lives of people in Milwaukee. That’s where the Republicans can help. They can step in not with more money, but to slowly…start to defund this dysfunction and tie…federal money to achievement, to accomplishment.”

If poverty doesn’t start going down in the next three to five years, reduce money for programs. Blacks are resilient, the sheriff said, overcoming slavery and Jim Crow. But blacks have not been able to overcome modern liberalism and the progressive movement.

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  1. To reduce poverty we need men to “be men!” Men need to respect themselves. Take care of their kids, 73% of black kids are born to single mothers, give them positive roll models! I never thought I would say this, but legalize the sale and consumption of drugs. Sell them in stand alone businesses and sell them the cheaper the better Take the huge profits out of the the drug trade, then there is no reason to kill other dealers, no gang bangers with a Glock and gold chains to look up too. This will lower crime and promote growth of businesses and jobs in these poor neighborhoods! Then, as the society in these neighborhoods grow healthy drug use can be squeezed down and all the people who walk around stoned can be let to atrophy! It will be easy to see who the neglected children are by an involved and caring community. I know this sounds cruel but it would be better than enabling neglectful or abusive parents, and criminals, and killers.

  2. I agree with Steven Lang, but have a slightly different angle: we need to start educating our young black men as my Dad said to me and my 2 brothers in his 12-step life-lessons: 1. stay in school; 2. don’t hang around with jerks, no-good, do-nothingers; 4. if you don’t want to go to college, go to trade school; 5. if you don’t want trade school, go in the military; 6. don’t get any girl pregnant until you get married; 7. don’t get married until you have a good job; 8. if you do get a girl pregnant, marry her; 9. get a good job; 10. take care of her and YOUR baby; 11. don’t fool around with other women, stay loyal to your wife and babies; and finally: 12. go to church. This country and the election are in my prayers.