Slavery, the Holocaust, and Abortion: What Were We Thinking?

Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, recently spoke at the Cleveland Right to Life’s Bringing America Back to Life convention.

Star has firsthand experience getting caught up in the lie of the left. The lie led to broken families and more poverty. The lie led to aborted unborn babies and children growing up without fathers. The lie has decayed the culture.

Star, passionately anti-abortion, has some serious questions for pro-lifers. How has the country allowed the routine killing of the unborn? Or slavery and the holocaust?

Who tried to stop these crimes against humanity, Star asked. How will we answer for abortion to future generations? Will we be able to say we did everything in our power to stop it?

Listen to Star’s powerful speech.

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  1. There has been discussion that FDR was briefed about Holocaust as early as 1943.