Solving the Puzzle Behind America’s Declining Birth Rate — Watch Cure America Episode 43

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that births in the USA reached another historic low in 2020. The rate at which American women are now having babies is way below the rate necessary to keep the population at a steady state – to not shrink.

Many say the reason for the low birthrate is that young people do not feel confident about their job prospects and financial security.

But a Pew Research survey found just 16% of men said getting married and having children is essential to a fulfilling life Even more troubling, 22% of women said having children is essential and only 17% said marriage is essential for a fulfilling life.

These attitudes of America’s young people are the reason for the low birth rate.

As usual, there are some policy prescriptions from Washington as both Democrats and Republicans are suggesting that throwing money at the family problem will fix it.

In this episode of CURE America with Star Parker, we discuss the solutions for this birth dearth and determine, once again, that government is not the solution to the family problem and the low birth rates.

It is a deeper spiritual and cultural problem we are facing as a country and the solutions do not come from the government but from God’s word.

We discuss these trends with Dr. Catherine Pakaluk who is an Assistant Professor of Social Research and Economic Thought at The Catholic University of America.

We also get a spiritual perspective with our in-house pastor, Rev. Tim Latiff, who heads our clergy center here at the Center for Urban Renewal & Education.

Our panel of experts delves into the government solutions and whether they will work. The panel includes Veronique de Rugy of The Mercatus Center, former official from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Valerie Huber, and Jonathan Alexandre of Liberty Counsel Action.

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  1. As a “Roosevelt” Democrat born in 1958, it’s obvious where my political sentiments may lie. I enjoy reading and listening to Black Community News because of its refreshing and lively content. Keep up the good work.