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Star Parker: America is About YOU, Not Politicians

Given that the Democratic Party chose to select a recently defeated political candidate to give a response to the president’s State of the Union address because she is black and a woman, I feel I should also step up and give my response.

Although I have not recently lost a governor’s contest, I am black and I am a woman.

Democrats want Americans, particularly minority Americans, to believe that a left-wing agenda is what they need and what will define America’s future.

I am here to say today that the agenda of the left is the problem, not the solution.

For too many years the left — and I am talking here about those with a hard-core secular humanist and socialist agenda — have been dominating discourse in our minority communities.

America’s future is in the values that defined it from the beginning.

Christianity, capitalism and the Constitution.

When I say Christianity, I do not mean to deny the bedrock of religious freedom. I mean to say that theses values must be predominant and define our nation and our culture.

There is no freedom without family, and there is no family without faith. It’s as simple as that. Should every American be free to choose — yes.

But recognize that in 2018, growth of the American population was the lowest it’s been in 80 years. The Census Bureau projects that in 16 years there will be more Americans over 65 than under 18. Without children, our future is in danger.

Our future is about life, not the 61 million abortions since Roe v. Wade.

The effect of the left’s agenda on our black communities has been devastating. Single-parent homes and out-of-wedlock births have tripled since the 1960s. What kind of future can we expect for our black children when they so often come from low-income single-parent households?

We must restore the integrity of family in all American communities. This can only happen with a revival of faith. For sure this will not happen with the sick message from the left of moral relativism and nihilism.

Capitalism is also the bedrock of our future.

Freedom is about individuals taking responsibility for their lives. It is about building, creating, working, saving and owning. This is capitalism.

It is not a culture of victimhood, of blaming everyone else for your challenges and your problems.

No. We don’t want that. We want freedom. This is where our future is.

Personal empowerment comes with personal responsibility.

America is about YOU, not politicians.

And the Constitution is the handbook that our founders provided us to keep government limited and keep politicians out of our lives.

Let’s honor it and not try to destroy it like the left wants to do.

America is in a fiscal and moral crisis.

We have budget deficits and national debt like this nation has never experienced before.

This bankruptcy is the product of a half-century of increasingly adopting welfare state policies. We can turn it around.

This president, who the left is attacking as a racist and a dictator, has gotten America growing faster than it has in years, with black and Latino unemployment rates the lowest they have been in history.

He is digging us out of the hole that the left wants to get us back in.

I am one black woman who believes in America and loves this country, who believes that our future lies in Christianity, capitalism and the Constitution.

And I am here to tell you that tens of millions of Americans of all backgrounds are with me — and are with President Trump.

Let’s stand up and fight, fight those that hate our nation and what it stands for.

Let’s win back our nation, our freedom and our God for our future, for our children. God Bless America.



Photo credit: CSPAN screenshot of SOTU video

StarParkerBCNStar Parker is the founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education. Contact her at www.urbancure.org.

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  1. Ms Parker, I’d like to thank you for your commentary. I don’t believe that your points could be stated any better and I couldn’t agree with you more. I wish you all the best in your important and commendable endeavors. With your permission, I’d very much like to share your commentary with all my friends, being sure to give you full credit. Best wishes….John Seymour

  2. Thank you Star. I wish you and your pastor network success in the future educating the inner city Citizens and making them aware of the dangers in the new interest in socialism.

  3. You have so elequently stated the very essence of what has made America unique and yes, great…I say that w/ pride, tempered w/ humility. There are many areas needing improvement, but as a Wesleyan Methodist, I choose to each day, do better than yesterday, rather than stay mired in past mistakes…if we can get back to this one ideal, freedom OF religion, rather than FROM, but also accept that this was/ is a Christian country, we can be great again!