Star Parker: Christians Should Be Outraged About Schools Silencing Conservative Christians

Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, recently appeared on Fox News to talk about her canceled speaking engagement at a Christian university in Minnesota.

The University of Northwestern rejected conservative student Hayley Tschetter’s request to bring Star to campus to talk about abortion.

We know how courageous Star Parker is, and Tschetter is displaying some courage of her own. She started a chapter of the Young Americans for Freedom on her campus. But now the school is trying to shut down the group.

Star said the Christian community should be outraged about this silencing. If they don’t engage the culture, who will?

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  1. Christian colleges/universities that prohibit speakers with Christian values is obscene. The government should look into these “schools” and see if there is any value in a school claiming to be Christian or Jewish or Muslim as far as eligibility for government funding – if so cut the funding.
    The institutions themselves should look at their student population and if they fail to live up to the schools religious values ask them to relocate.

  2. Students who are attending college and paying tuition have a right to learn. I would think that would include being allowed to hear Conservative speakers. If they are denied that right then the school is denying that student the right to learn based on their political ideology. Is it legal to do that? Conservative students back down to soon. They need to start pushing back. There should be more Conservative students suing these schools. Why should students pay for an education when they’re not getting it.

    I not surprised at this thought. We’ve long known that the Left is made up of nothing but hypocrites. They don’t believe in “diversity”. They believe in “conformity”. “Tolerance” is fake anyway. “Mutual respect” is kinder and far more genuine. The Left gets their way because they organize into large groups that are loud and annoying. That doesn’t make them right. It just makes them large and loud. I’m not suggesting the Right to the same because the Left has been building their “octopus” since the 60’s. However, there has to be some pushback. If Conservatives can’t hear Conservative speakers on campus, then go off campus or sue the school to demand why. Parents have to get involved as well. Students should get the school’s policy on speakers before attending. I’ve heard that schools do this to Conservative students. If they school is not allowing their child to learn, sue the school for a refund of the tuition paid or to enforce free speech. Free Speech is still a Constitutional right. Schools shouldn’t be able to shut that down—should they? If there’s no pushback at all from Conservative students and parents, they’ll just keep denying them their free speech rights.

    If possible, schedule speakers off campus and charge the school for the expense—they gave you no choice by not allowing Conservative speakers on campus. Whether on or off campus, students have a right to some kind of control over their education once they get into college. However, I wouldn’t bother going up against Liberals directly. Organizing is in their DNA—it’s as natural to them as breathing (it’s actually quite impressive how they do that) and they can do it in their sleep.Not only that, they can keep it up longer than we can because the goal is not finding a solution. They goal is revolution. Knowing that, confronting them head on not only a waste of time, it’s simply not worth the effort.

    If you can’t go through Liberals, the key is to find a way around them.