Star Parker on the ‘Sad Debacle’ of What’s Happening in Afghanistan

Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, recently appeared on Victory News to discuss the situation in Afghanistan. She also wrote about it in her recent column.

She called what’s happening a “sad debacle.”

“When we start thinking about the values here in America, and how unraveled they are, we need to check ourselves. We’re trying to persuade people around the world that the ideals of America work and will work for them. We need to persuade them that terrorism is not the right order, that they could live free, that God has gifted them, that they, too, can live free.”

Yet, Star says, we can’t seem to express this. When half the country keeps claiming there’s systemic racism, how can we expect people like the Afghans to fight for freedom when it doesn’t work for Americans?

Watch Star’s segment, which starts at 6:05, to hear what she had to say about President George W. Bush’s intentions in Afghanistan versus President Barack Obama’s.

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  1. So whats your solution, you didn’t say anything, just that it’s a debacle and some people complain about racism? Can you actually say something of substance about it? What do you want to stay another 10 years? Trump’s plan was to end it may, what would have been different if he was re-elected?

  2. Why do I get the feeling your only purpose on this segment is to criticize the concept of systemic racism. If there is no system of racism what accounts for the difference between the outcomes of white people and black people in the US? If you say its the personal choices, why do black people make different personal choices than white people? Is there something fundamentally different?

  3. I am a very old soldier my war was in Vietnam. Whilst some people have called our once and future President Donald John Trump a draft dodger I much prefer to him as a clumsy oaf. Can you believe he ruined his leg playing baseball at New York Military Academy? That is true he was a great baseball player that was already being scouted by college baseball teams. On the other hand our dear leader President Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden Jr. was a basketball player and a lifeguard at a swimming pool and could not serve because of a very terrible case of hay fever. I wonder if his very terrible case of hay fever is still bothering him. I know I enlisted in the United States Army at age seventeen and my very terrible case of hay fever never precluded my serving. George stop you great white hunter routine or I will tell your beautiful wife on you old friend. I cannot believe we are still here.