These Loudoun County Teachers Filed a Lawsuit Over ‘Transgender’ Policy Forcing Them to Speak a Message They Oppose

Loudoun County, Virginia, is the center of the anti-critical race theory (CRT) movement. Parents don’t want the government to indoctrinate their children with collective guilt or grievance because of the color of their skin. They don’t want their children taught that America and its institutions are racist.

Now another controversy is brewing in the county. The school board passed a “transgender” policy by a vote of 7-2 earlier this month, and it requires students and faculty — regardless of their beliefs — to indulge in individuals’ fantasies about being members of the opposite sex. If a boy wants to pretend to be a girl, students and faculty must use the pronouns “she” and “her,” and vice versa with the girls.

Tired of the madness, teachers are fighting back. Alliance Defending Freedom on Monday filed a motion to amend a lawsuit filed in June against the Loudoun County School Board. Two teachers seek to join the original lawsuit filed on behalf of Tanner Cross, a physical education teacher suspended because he expressed opposition to the then-proposed policy. A court ordered the school district reinstate him.

The plaintiffs contend that the policy requires them to speak a message contrary to what they believe. Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) represents the teachers. An excerpt:

The amended complaint filed with the Loudoun County Circuit Court in Cross v. Loudoun County School Board, pending the court’s approval, explains that if Gill, Wright, and Cross were to comply with the school board’s demands, “they would be forced to communicate a message they believe is false—that gender identity, rather than biological reality, fundamentally shapes and defines who we truly are as humans, that our sex can change, and that a woman who identifies as a man really is a man, and vice versa. But if they refer to students based on their biological sex, they communicate the views they actually believe—that our sex shapes who we are as humans, that this sex is fixed in each person, and that it cannot be changed, regardless of our feelings or desires.”

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