Star Parker Pushes Back at Leftist Bullying That Canceled Anti-Poverty Billboard Campaign

Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), sponsored a billboard campaign in various cities with the “Success Sequence” message to finish school, take any job, get married, save and invest, and give back to your neighborhood.

Leftists intimidated the company that produced and erected the billboards into taking them down. Star has spoken out against the bullying. She told an ABC affiliate in Milwaukee that this common-sense advice helped her get out of poverty and that she will fight back.

From the Washington Times:

Star Parker, president and founder of CURE, also known as UrbanCURE, said the billboard company expressed “fears for the safety of their employees and property” as a result of “loud, intimidating tactics.”

“Critics find these billboards offensive. How can photos of attractive, intelligent young black people be offensive?” asked Ms. Parker in a statement. “Why are they not rather inspirational, role models of ambition and industry? There is no basis to object to this message or the portrait, unless the protesters are among those who find in it a threat to holding onto urban residents as a captive audience, chained in envy and resentment rather than invited to ambition and industry.”

One of the left’s criticisms of the campaign is that it’s an attack on poor people. Star disagreed.

“What do the billboards say?” she said. “Only what mothers and fathers have long counseled their children: Finish school, get a job, get married, save and invest, and give back to your community. These are scientific truths, moral truths, and home truths.”

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