Star Parker: What’s Really at Stake in the Next Election

As I wrote in my weekly syndicated column, the so-called impeachment probe against President Trump is illegitimate.

In this interview I gave with EWTN News Nightly, I was asked about the probe and I explain why the people who want to get rid of the Electoral College are the same people who want to impeach Trump.

I also explain what is really at stake and give some insight into the next election.

Friend, my new upcoming book is called Necessary Noise and you’ll see why I used that title when you watch this interview.

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  1. When you hear / read / the word “impeachment,” substitute the word “coup,” and pray that we do NOT lose our country.

  2. Since when did truth, evidence or the use of proper legal procedures get in the way of fictional charges against a Republican? Of course, the mere questioning of what strongly appears to be illicit behavior of a democRat is now treasonous and you will be labeled a racist pig for the rest of your life.