Surprise! Andrew Cuomo Blames His State’s Troubles on the Party That DOESN’T Run New York

Who does Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York blame for his state’s $2.3 billion budget shortfall? The party that doesn’t run New York, as Blaze TV’s Deneen Borelli said.

Cuomo wants the government to repeal the cap on local and state tax deductions. But his state’s problems began way before the Trump administration’s changes. Why have Cuomo’s approval ratings dropped to their lowest since he’s been governor?

“Cuomo’s promises of a progressive agenda for New Yorkers,” Borelli said, are failing. He vowed that within his first 100 days he’d propose the most progressive agenda the state has ever seen.

And his promises came true, so in a sense he succeeded. But residents are fleeing the state over “progressive agenda” high taxes. Cuomo didn’t intend that outcome. So…Trump’s fault!

High taxes are every progressive’s dream — until they have to pay them.

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  1. Having been a previous resident of New York, all I can say is New Yorkers are reaping in what they have sown for years by electing and reelecting tax and spend democrats. Today look at the dregs they send to represent them – dyed in the wool communists dressed up as socialists.