Trump’s Response to a Liberal Reporter Who Asked About ‘Critics’ of His National Emergency Declaration

Not even conservatives disliked Barack Obama the way leftists, mainstream media, and Hollywood dislike President Donald Trump. In fact, they loathe this man — who wants to actually do something to shore up the country’s porous southern border — because Hillary “I’m With Her” Clinton lost.

President Trump signed a budget bill on Friday to keep the government open, then declared a national emergency to divert unspent federal funding to build the wall, which pro-enforcement Americans support.

The media had no problem with Obama wielding his pen and phone to get things done when a Republican Congress blocked his agenda. Here’s what NPR said about Obama’s executive action:

He’s talking about the tools a president can use if Congress isn’t giving him what he wants: executive actions and calling people together. It’s another avenue the president is using to pursue his economic agenda.

Obama called people together buy using his pen, but President Trump doing the same is divisive.

Below is a brief exchange between the president and liberal reporter Jim Acosta, who essentially implied that the president created a fake national emergency:

The Angel Moms are a group of mothers whose children were killed by people who shouldn’t be here — illegal aliens.

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  1. And ask the Angel Kids, those Children who have lost their parents because of Illegal aliens!

  2. Bless the Angel Moms who lost their children to illegal immigrants. And bless the Angel moms and dads who likewise lost their kids to Saudi Arabian (illegal immigrant) terrorists.

  3. Although I am a first generation American born in the United States my first language is Spanish I love to tell people it was because my mother was a typical Spanish mother and could really hold a grudge and would not allow the language of witches(English) in our home and kept muttering something about an Armada what ever that is. It is just one of my shaggy dog stories. I am retired Federal Law Enforcement Officer with well over a quarter of a century of service in federal law enforcement alone I am very amused at the utter incompetence of the lawyers employed by the United States Department of Justice who advice Presidents have never read that the United States Supreme Court ruled in United States v. Wong Kim Ark, which was decided in 1898. Wong Kim Ark was born in San Francisco to Chinese parents legally residing there. He later returned with his parents to China. Denied re-admittance, Wong Kim Ark argued before the Supreme Court that the Fourteenth Amendment, which states that “all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof,” are United States citizens, made him a citizen of the United States at his birth. The Supreme Court agreed, holding that, because his parents were legally residing in the United States when he was born here, he was a citizen at birth under the Fourteenth Amendment. The Fourteenth Amendment was adopted because the southern states that formed the defeated Confederate States of America held that freed slave were not citizens but rather residents.