A Tenured Law Professor Found Out Ohio Northern University Hired Faculty Based On Race and Sex — He Got Fired for Complaining About It

Ohio Northern University fired a tenured professor for objecting to discrimination against individuals based on race and sex.

Such people should be encouraged to speak against a system that admits, hires, contracts, trains, and promotes individuals based on immutable characteristics like the color of their skin. But that is not the case.

America First Legal (AFL) reported that university security and armed police officers escorted Dr. Scott Gerber, a law professor, to the dean’s office, who told him to quit or face termination. He refused to resign. As per Dr. Gerber’s contract, the university is supposed to tell him what he’s accused of.

AFL said that the dean didn’t tell Dr. Gerber what he’d done wrong. An excerpt (emphasis added):

Dr. Gerber learned that the hiring committee for new law faculty had chosen candidates based on their race and sex. Dr. Gerber objected to ONU’s woke “DEI” driven hiring practices and made complaints about it to the University administration and the EEOC.

AFL and two lawyers at the Ashbrook Byrne Kresge law firm filed a lawsuit against Ohio Northern University on Dr. Geber’s behalf. The court issued a temporary restraining order against the school, requiring it to notify Dr. Gerber of what he did to deserve to get fired. But the school had a surprise up its sleeve:

When the hearing eventually went forward, the University ambushed Dr. Gerber with new accusations, denied Dr. Gerber his contractual right to confront the witnesses against him, and made Dr. Gerber subject to a sham hearing with a predetermined outcome. In the midst of this, the University defamed Dr. Gerber; it issued a press release falsely labeling Dr. Gerber a threat to the physical safety of faculty, staff, and students.

That sounds like revenge to me.

And it also sounds illegal.

“This is simply an escalation in the culture war,” AFL said. “Even tenured professors will no longer be tolerated and will be terminated if they refuse to bend the knee to the current woke ideology. ”

Dr. Gerber filed an amended complaint against the university. According to the complaint, he’s an “expert on the jurisprudence of Justice Clarence Thomas.”

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