Biden’s New ‘Drunken Sailor’ Student Loan Cancellation Scheme

President Joe Biden knows how to spend like a drunken sailor, Star Parker said in a recent segment of Straight Arrow News, quoting Rep. Virginia Fox.

Rep. Fox opposes Biden’s latest student debt cancellation scheme. The U.S. Supreme Court struck down the first one. But he’s back with a second one. Star said that Biden will do anything to defy the Constitution.

“And then he went in and announced an extra $5 billion in student loan relief,” Star said. “This is after already granting $5 billion in December as well as $9 billion in October. That’s $19 billion.”

This program, called the Save Plan (!), will begin next month.

“There’s a new program where the Biden administration doesn’t even know how many people will enroll,” Star said. “This is out of control. With it being in an election year, we’ve got to take this seriously. With this being an election year, this just proves once again that one of Biden’s favorite tools is buying votes. He did it before, just months before the midterms, when he announced that unlawful massive student debt plan — that’s when he announced that the first time — went through the courts, he knew it wasn’t gonna go through, but President Biden didn’t care. The midterms with long be over by then.”

Let’s hope voters in November will remember this frivolous spending.

Watch Star’s full segment below or at Straight Arrow News.

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  1. Actually, Biden’s worse than a drunken sailor! As the late President George H. W. Bush once said, at least the drunken sailor knows he has to stop spending when he runs out of money. But Biden thinks the taxpayers are a bottomless well of funds.