The Big Question: How Can the GOP Attract More Black Voters?

Star Parker is in Cleveland!

EWTN News Nightly interviewed the founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education about how the GOP can attract more black voters.

For starters, Star addressed why there are so few black delegates. EWTN’s host noted that in 2004, there were 164 but only 18 at the present convention. Star said that back in 2004, and up until that time, the GOP did more outreach to black voters to say their values were the GOP’s values.

They knew the black community was “the most churched” community in the country, “yet they were voting for Big Government, which was inconsistent with the very scriptures that they were hearing on Sunday morning.”

But that’s not happening now, Star said. Secularism has overtaken the GOP, and it’s difficult to make their case to these voters.

Minority communities need to know what’s at stake when they vote for liberals. The abortion rate is high among black women, for example, and that’s what Hillary Clinton and her party stand for. If black Christians call themselves pro-life and want to reduce these numbers, they shouldn’t vote for the pro-abortion party.

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  1. Star is right. Everywhere Democrats are in power, most big cites
    blacks suffer and lose out on the American Dream.
    Republicans have sponsored and pushed through every major
    legislation and measure for the advancement of people of color.
    The Democrats fought against most of them.

  2. Hillary is going to have the mothers of the thugs killed by the police speak at the DNC convention next week. I wonder just how dumb she thinks we are? Does she really think that the majority of African Americans are stupid enough to fall for a disgusting stunt lie that?

  3. As usual Star is right. Since I’ve become familiar with her she always seems to have the pulse of the poor communities. Donald Trump would be wise to turn to her as one of his advisers.