A Black Pastor Who Prayed with Trump Responds to Jimmy Kimmel’s Mocking

White liberals mock black conservatives because they know they can get away with it. Whites don’t get canceled when their racial “jokes” are directed toward black Americans who refuse to cast ballots for Big Government leftists who believe we shouldn’t have First and Second Amendment freedoms.

They want us to keep our mouths shut and stay out of the public square, with our love of God and country.

But we won’t shut up, and we won’t be bullied.

Marc Little, board chairman of Star Parker’s Center for Urban Renewal and Education, was one of the pastors who prayed over President Donald Trump. Various media outlets have shown the clip, and various leftists have mocked him and other black Americans in that room. Little responded to the most recent mocker: Jimmy Kimmel.

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  1. Well said Mr. Little.

    • Absolutely the truth Mr. White. Thank you for sharing your heart. Our President has been attacked since day one and it’s refreshing to hear someone who has his back. He’s working so hard to bring our country back from those who used it to their advantage. Obama being one of those. Still working hard to destroy our sitting President. Others moved on after their term, but he’s still plotting ways to hurt our country. President Trump honestly cares about all of us. Thank you sir.🙏🏼🇺🇸🙏🏼

      • D Schmelzenbach

        God bless you for your Spiritual Courage and example! God bless President Trump and the United States!

    • Well-spoken Pastor. Thank you for articulating the truth of the change in leadership attention to the “forgotten” people in America of all races. I was raised in a military family, I am a vet, my son-in-law is a 1/2 Latino, Colonel in the Air Guard, my granddaughters are Latino/ Gringo American and beautiful. Plus, one is a cadet at West Point. The other part of my life as a youngster was spent in the deep South, where I saw the real Democratic leadership keep their foot on the necks of the black community. I saw my father, a commander in the US Navy take a stand at a minor league baseball game when the first-ever black pitcher took the mound to pitch and was booed and slurred. He walked to the mound put his arm around this MAN and told the crowd to shut up and let the MAN do his job. We have come a long way, but have a long way to go. All MEN are created EQUAL in God’s eyes. Be Blessed. Deacon John Null

    • Everything he said is great except one thing!
      Quit using the term African American! This came from the democrats who founded the KKK. They used to own blacks individually and now because of the terminology own black collectively! Why do insist on calling yourself that? This puts you in a different category then American! You weren’t ever in Africa, so don’t use term. If you want to be separated which I don’t know why use black American. I would just say American because we don’t discriminate against color or religion! You were born here which gives you title of American period!

      • Yes , American First! If you want to be more specific you can add some Heritage after Your American Birth title.

  2. Jimmy kimmel and his Demo Party of Death / Deception have no moral values, they like mocking those who believe in and pray to God.

  3. Well Said!! The truth is out there, if you can’t see it then you need to take off the blindfold and stop believing the garbage you’re being fed by the media.

  4. RuthE Fitzsimmons

    Marc Little, what you stated is true, sad but true.

  5. These comedians are not comedians, they are propaganda outlets, people who attends there stupid shows are made to laugh and clap with there little stick.
    Same goes for that nasty Stephen Colbert show, he has got to be the worse of the worse. I call him pocket pool man, because he always puts his hands in his pockets like he adjusting him self. I don’t watch his show only if something Was going to be said about Trump that day I’ll see what this fool has to say about Trump. THEN I turn him off.
    Buy that’s is rare that I ever watch this fool.

  6. One of the best responses to the tasteless, cruel, idiotic jokes delivered by members of the left that I’ve heard. I am so glad to be on the same team as people like Pastor Little and Black Community News. Pastor Little and all of the others praying for the President was wonderful. Keep up the awesome work.

  7. When will these entertainers learn they are entertainers and not political educators. They have a job to do and it shouldn’t be bashing our president and people that represent him. This past 3 years have shown how low down and ugly the liberal party has become. The entertainment industry has seen a decline of people watching their award shows because of the political propaganda, and some actors lost fans that respected their talent. When they take their opinions and think because they are famous that we will follow their political agendas I think their over inflated view of themselves is going to be their downfall. Sad part is the sound and assistant people will lose out too. So you famous actors shut up and entertain and leave out the politics.

  8. Obviously a very decent and in tune with reality man. Would love to see a response from that low life Kimmel!

  9. Very well said, Mr. Little. Jimmy Kimmel is indicative of pretty much every other Hollywood liberal who opens their idiotic mouth w/o a bit of knowledge on the subject they’re commenting on. The fact is there are many of these who realize the positive our POTUS has brought about, but can’t go outside their circle for fear of getting oversized by their own crowd. It’s just a shame that Kimmel & the other goons who need to hear & see his comments won’t ever do so, but we never know; with enough people sharing this story, it might just make the rounds.

  10. Hmmmm, but I guess the pastor forgot that today’s Republicans and conservatives hate Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt for “overstepping their authority” with their “progressive actions.”

  11. J Pace, you must be one of those people I keep hearing about who find it impossible to believe that Republicans and Donald Trump are anything but despicable regardless of how much better off the country is. You just cannot admit it and will always find something negative to say. Your hatred is so deep, it warps your ability to objectively assess reality and be thankful that your fellow Americans are better off. Mr. Little is far more articulate and insightful than I suspect you will ever be. In a way, I feel sorry for you.

  12. Excellent job telling Jimmy Kimmel the truth! If all of us who enjoy and cherish our freedom will stand up and vote for the only person that will defend our constitution , Donald Trump, our country will survive all this hateful behavior . Our only defense to this is to get out and show these people at the polls. Whether your Republican , Libertarian or Democrat , the only way to keep our country successful is to. VOTE for the President that has a proven record!

  13. A message too often left out of our national dialogue!

  14. Rosemary F Bailes

    Thank you for a very well stated response to cruel and unsavory “humor” from an unsavory not-funny comedien.

    God bless you, Sir!

  15. Thank you Rev. Little for speaking truth.

  16. Hershel B. Davis

    Old Lucifer is working well with those turkeys

  17. All the late night show hosts are evil. I hope none of their family gets sick. Black people know they are being help by our president. Thank you for speaking out.

  18. I love our President…so happy to see this pastor standing behind him..as far as late night show hosts and the View as well..all spreading nothing but hate! They need to shut their mouths..Trump has been the best President we have had in a very long time! He is exposing all the elected officials in our government and how corrupt they all are..that’s why they want him out…they might be next to be exposed!! Trump Rocks..Trump 2020!

  19. Kimmel is a Deranger…

  20. God Bless you Sir , we are all one people under God. mr. kimmel needs to be prayer for and people need to turn off the tv and pray instead and maybe we can have a country again. You are truley a Man of God for standing up to the people that ridicule.

  21. Thankfully, 90+% of African Americans are not fooled by this ignorant liar, and recognize Trump for the racist, sexist, narcissist bully who only cares about fattening his own wallet. Jimmy Kimmel is a national treasure


  23. Isn’t CURE and the pastors associated with it against reparations?