The Invasion Of The West Has Begun

so-calledrefugeesThe Western World is in turmoil because of the Middle East wars. Millions of citizens of various Middle Eastern nations are being displaced and are fleeing the region for the possibility of a better life. These folks are risking life and limb by walking, boating, biking, or driving thousands of miles in order to get to somewhere they think will allow them a better and safer life. Now, I want people to understand where these people are going and where they are not going.

Notice, these “refugees” are not heading to other nations with similar religious beliefs, such as Pakistan. They are not heading to nations that are openly hostile to their religious beliefs, such as India and China.

They are heading to nations that seem to want them to come in, however, such as Germany, France, United Kingdom, and the United States. But are they really welcome? The governments of these and other Western nations seem to make one believe that their citizens are welcoming these refugees with open arms.

But recent protests in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Serbia, and other places show that the citizens of these nations have had enough of being invaded by a people who have nothing in common with the native population. They are sick and tired of being targets of terrorism in their own cities and towns. They are tired of their religions and laws being attacked by a group of people bent on total world domination.

They are tired of supporting these people as they flood their borders, and they are sick and tired of allowing young men of military fighting age to be given free rein on their local streets. Let’s face it. If you are young, healthy, and able, why is it you are not willing to fight for your own way of life and your own version of freedom?

The citizens of the Western nations understand that these men are not refugees, but many are indeed insurgents sent by terrorist groups with one thing on their minds, and that is the death and destruction of Western Nations and a complete takeover of their governments, laws, and religions.

This is something that these citizens have come to realize, yet their own governments do not care to listen to the people they say they represent. The United States is no different than those European nations, because our government officials continue to accept these refugees from the Middle East, despite the outcry from the America people.

Instead, the elected officials of the United States will call the American people racists and bigots for daring to object to the very notion of allowing these so-called refugees in our nation. However, we have seen an increase in terrorist activity within our nation. But some, especially the left, only wish to blame those on the right, because we want to cling to our Bibles and our guns. Frankly, it is the Bibles and guns that will be called upon to save this nation and, indeed, the entire Western World.

Make no mistake. The citizens of Europe realize they are in big trouble, but in many of those nations, the citizens are either banned from owning a firearm or are severely restricted. In other words, the people of Europe, because of the government that they elected, have left them defenseless and helpless to the onslaught.

Here in the United States, we have a call from the left to make us equally defenseless and helpless, but the American people realize that this plan is a disaster in the making. Yet we still continue to vote for these idiots to represent us.

If we keep electing the kinds of people who act more and more like anti-American activists than pro-American defenders, we also shall end up defenseless and helpless, and more Americans will die in our streets.

Now I ask you, is that the society you want? Do you want to be like Europe or do you wish to remain free, safe, and exceptional?

I choose the latter.

Photo credit: “Refugee march Hungary 2015-09-04 02” by Joachim Seidler, photog_at from Austria – 20150904 174. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons.

RodEcclesRod Eccles is the host of the nationally syndicated radio show, “The Rod Eccles Show.” He is the coolest, most politically incorrect conservative black man on the planet, and he is being dubbed the new black Rush Limbaugh of our time. He is considered to be one of the leading voices in the conservative movement. This year he published his first book, “The Conservative ECCLESiastes: Logic and Wisdom from the Coolest, Most Politically Incorrect, Conservative Black Man on the Planet.” Eccles has been added to the list of Top Talk Conservative Radio Show Hosts. He also travels around the country making key note speeches to Tea Party and Republican organizations to inspire and educate the people of the greatness of America. For more information please visit his website at

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  1. Photoshop rifles and uniforms on these refugees to see what’s really happening.

  2. “….are fleeing the region for the possibility of a better life….”

    Many, possibly. Those that are searching for the “possibility of a better life will NOT assimilate to our American way of life, or at least the majority will not! That “radicalized” percentage of Muslims inserts more than 1,000 dedicated ‘killers of the infidels’ into American society.

    Your statement: “….many are indeed insurgents sent by terrorist groups with one thing on their minds, and that is the death and destruction of Western Nations and a complete takeover of their governments, laws, and religions.”

    That’s what I’m talking about! Call me an “Islamophobe” because I do believe: “Islam is a caustic blend of paganism and twisted Bible stories. Muhammad, its lone “prophet”, who made no prophecies, conceived his religion to satiate his lust for power, sex, and money. He was a terrorist.”

  3. It is the goal of Islam to convert or kill they will never be our friends….!!!!!,

  4. This reminds me of an article I just read: When an invasion is called a war

    The source of the refugee problem is that your beloved American exceptionalism is pepper bombing them back into the stone age on a daily. Stop that and you stop the influx.

    • We The People of the US are not ‘bombing them into the stone age.’ Our possibly illegal president and his cronies, both Democrat and Republican who support war and terror to tear down borders and bring about a fully integrated ‘New World Order’ run by the Rothschild banking cartel are the ones doing this. More US citizens are waking up to what is happening and hopefully we can still put a stop to this before the entire world is destabilized and more legitimate governments overthrown to install corporate puppets under the domination of world central banks.