These Pastors Want to See Biblical and Christian Responses to the Anti-Police Narrative

Bishop Aubrey Shines and others have formed a Conservative Clergy of Color, “a new coalition of voices dedicated to changing the American debate on race.” They believe all black lives matter, including unborn black babies.

One pastor said they formed the group because they want to see “more Christian conservative voices that are expression geo-political and socioeconomic issues from a biblical framework.”

“There are many aberrant teachings and leadership models that are arising… [and] misleading our generation,” Pastor Francisco Vega said. “Where is the leadership in the community of color…able to take the reins on the mobs and the masses and guide them through biblical and Christian responses, trusting God to be able to right all wrongs and injustices? I believe this is our moment, and this is what is needed in our time in America.”

Shines says we must push back on the “fake narrative being pushed in this country. If we don’t, we’ll lose our nation.

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  1. With the loss of John Lewis, we need new voices within the Black community to espouse the virtues of “good trouble” and the triumph of non-violent protest (which has sadly been discarded by many of today’s youth).