This Abortion Advocacy Group is Concerned About the Children

The National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL) tweeted the following:

The irony of any abortion advocate using the word “harm” in such a context in reference to children or family is thick.

Obianuju Ekeocha, who opposes American abortion advocates pushing the killing procedure in Africa, tweeted:

According to Hot Air, the study cited is based on a sample of only 55 subjects.

NARAL’s tweet echoes this one from the abortion giant itself:

Pro-lifers were outraged. Others…not so much. On top of this, Congress still has not permanently defunded Planned Parenthood.

When your organization receives half a billion dollars annually from U.S. taxpayers, the temptation must be strong to say anything to keep the beast fed. But there will be an accounting.

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One comment

  1. NARAL is one of the abortion proponent groups that support Maxine Waters 100%. When sill the minority communities wake up and and oust the politicians that promote black genocide?