This California City Doesn’t Want to Provide Sanctuary to Illegal Aliens

One small city in California demonstrated that not only does it understand the federal government’s obligation to enforce the nation’s immigration laws, but the city itself wants to protect residents.

Local and state governments should seek to protect they’re own residents first over foreigners and assist the federal government for the sake of national security and to ease the financial and social burdens illegal immigration places on the American taxpayer.

California, which is losing residents, declared itself a “sanctuary” state, limiting cooperation with the federal government. Local law enforcement can’t ask or share information about a person’s immigration status, honor federal government requests to detain illegal aliens, or assist with immigration enforcement in other ways.

But Los Alamitos just chose to resist harboring illegal aliens. The city council voted 4-1 to opt out of “sanctuary” status, with a final vote scheduled in April. From the Washington Times (emphasis added):

Los Alamitos also said it will side with the Trump administration in its new lawsuit against California challenging three sanctuary laws, the Orange County Register reported.

The debate over the move was heated, the paper said.

State leaders defended the [sanctuary] law as a compromise, saying federal agents and officers are still allowed to do their jobs, but they cannot pressure local authorities to cooperate.

Homeland Security officials, though, say they’re being forced to release drunk drivers back onto the streets because local authorities won’t respond to pick them up.

Photo credit: By Jonathan McIntoshOwn work, CC BY 2.5, Link

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  1. Problem is most cities can not afford the lawsuits that will be brought by the ACLU, CAIR (a terrorist organization), and others. In this litigious environment, the most money wins.