Transgenderism: One More Battle in the New Culture War, Part 2

On last week’s episode of CURE America with Star Parker we delved into a very important topic – the “T” in the LGBTQ agenda. Transgenderism. When a person physically changes his or her body through medical treatments, surgeries, hormone therapy and other drugs to change their gender.

We just touched on this troubling new trend in our society and discussed the terrible impact especially on children who have been told its “ok” and are being pushed into these life altering surgeries and medical treatment, denying the scientific and Biblically based reality of creation.

In Episode 2 of “Transgenderism v. Transformation” we explore with a board-certified physician, Dr. Andre Van Mol, the medical treatments and therapies being prescribed to men and women and children to alter their bodies in such a dramatic way. We learned that even Planned Parenthood is now getting involved in helping sterilize young women with these drugs.

We also speak a lovely couple, Ken Williams and Elizabeth Woning, co-founders of the CHANGED Movement, a community of people who once identified as LGBTQ+ but have now been transformed by the grace of God. We hear their powerful and moving testimony of how God worked in their lives to bring them out of the homosexual lifestyle. Cutting through the noise of the news and coming up with actions that we can take to turn our country around is where this week’s episode of CURE America takes us.

Please watch this powerful episode.

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  1. Transgenderism is a Mental Health problem! It is Impossible to change a Male into a Female no matter what Dr Frankensteins do to a person’s body!