WATCH: Are Anti-Trump American Olympic Athletes Making North Korea’s Dictator Smile?

Deneen Borelli said she’s all for freedom of speech and expression, but the Olympics is the wrong place and time to play politics. American athletes represent this country, and their anti-Trump remarks send the wrong message to the world.

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  1. Ms. Borelli, in 1936 Jesse Owens was sent to the Berlin Olympics on an “anti-Hitler” campaign. In 1968, John Carlos and Tommy Smith made a civil rights protest at Mexico City Games. In 1980, U.S. boycotted Moscow Games, and in 1984 USSR boycotted Los Angeles Games. Politics has always been a part of Olympic Games.

    • It still sends the wrong message to the whole world. There is no way to put a positive spin on this. The Olympics is the wrong place and time to “protest and play politics” as is the NFL games also. These American athletes represent our country. Misguided as they are, they have disgraced our flag.

  2. There is no reasoning with the unreasonable. Most of these โ€œyoung peopleโ€ are barely out of puberty, their minds, full of mush, are not even fully cognizant capable until age 26! In politicizing SPOT, they denigrate themselves more than anybody, or thing, they perceive they have issues with. Carry on Dawlinโ€™, you are a breath of fresh air in a world of pollution!