If You Think Guns Should Be Controlled To Keep Women Safe, This Video Might Change Your Mind

Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun organization, “Everytown”, has released a new ad that inadvertently proves why women should be empowered to protect themselves and their families against a violent attacker. The carefully produced video shows a helpless unarmed woman at home alone with her child when her ex-husband bangs on the door in a violent rage. While calling 9-1-1, the raging ex-husband kicks in the front door, grabs the kid, and points a Glock pistol at the woman.

The Everytown ad poorly attempts to communicate the idea that society needs to keep guns out of the hands of violent offenders; but instead, it shows that “helpless” women need to protect themselves beyond a flimsy locked door.

In contrast, the second video shows a woman who is armed and willing to defend herself and her child against her would-be violent ex-husband. Which woman would you rather be?

BCN editor’s note: This article first appeared at Western Journalism.

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  1. a gun in the hand is way better than a cop on the phone