WATCH: Do Liberals Feel Threatened By Conservative Black Women?

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  1. Of course they are threatened by conservative black women. Any black person who doesn’t follow black group-think is a threat. They know they lose women who will not coddle, mule and self-sacrifice for a collective that does not care about their general well-being.

    They fear diversity of thought, those of us who are critical thinkers and those of us who hold people accountable. Most of all, they fear the truth because victims live in a perpetual state of denial and simply want attention and validation, not power. These people hate critical thinking black women and will do everything in their power to silence them.

    There are plenty of conservative black women, but many would rather move in stealth than be attacked by hateful people. They vote their interests and what benefits them and their families. They know that symbolic victories and empty symbolism serve as no benefit to them. Economics matters more to me than politics ever will.

    I only support those who exemplify my principles. I would love to see more conservative black women appeal to a larger base of black women voters. I see many of them to be quite acerbic in their message of supporting Republicans and for many black women it’s a turnoff. They don’t have to be politically correct, but many of us can’t and won’t take them seriously when they come off acting unhinged, condescending, indecisive and exclusionary.

    We have to tell the truth about everything without fear of offending anyone.

    BTW, Deneen and Candace Owens are awesome!