WATCH: Racial Discrimination in Education is ‘Archaic, Barbaric, and Wrong’

Dr. Alveda King appared on Fox News to share her view on race-neutral college admissions after the Trump administration reversed the former president’s “guidelines” to discriminate against individual students on the basis of race for the sake of “diversity.”

What would her uncle, Martin Luther King, Jr., have thought about racial preferences?

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  1. Progressive “educators” jumped on the diversity band wagon luring minorities to their form of education. It was unfortunate that rather selecting those minority students that were most qualified, they merely played the numbers game so they could puff their chests out and profess to the rest of the progressive community how great they were.
    These progressive institutions used diversity in the realm of hiring as well, Elizabeth Warren was hired as a Native American minority with no proof of her heritage and reported to the Federal Government by Harvard as a minority hire. She in turn deprived a deserving minority educator of a position, yet she is the darling of the progressive socialists who care less that she lied her way through life.

  2. I would love to see demographic information removed from applications of all types. What do demographics have to do with anything? I was admitted to a university program for which I was wholly and completely unprepared. My advisor said, “You’re getting B’s and C’s! We didn’t expect you to do so well! You were accepted based on your class rank and the fact that you’re from downstate.” I left the program and later changed schools. Once I was in a university that was smaller and less cut-throat, I excelled in my classes and graduated cum laude. I, a white girl from downstate, was accepted into a program for the purposes of a quota. It was demoralizing and someone more deserving should have gotten my slot.

    • Did you work harder at first school to improve those Bs and Cs? Young people do it all the time.