WATCH: Heated Exchange About Trump Between Conservative Host and Liberal Guest

Donald Trump recently spoke at a rally in Wisconsin and blamed Democratic policies on worsening conditions in urban areas.

On Fox Business, Deneen Borelli of FreedomWorks responded to liberal Jehmu Green’s criticism of what Trump had to say and where he said it.

Borelli said Trump’s proposed initiatives are pro-growth policies that will help all communities, especially black communities, “where there are no incentives, high unemployment, and high crime rates.”

Concerning the law-and-order theme of Trump’s speech, host Charles Payne said you can’t have prosperity “anywhere in the world, anywhere in any neighborhood, if you live in a lawless area.”

Rod Wheeler, who said he’s neither a Trump nor a Hillary Clinton supporter, liked what Trump had to say.

“He addressed the issues. And you know what else he didn’t do? He didn’t throw the police under the bus. Actually, Donald Trump met with law enforcement and said we need to work together. This was before the speech [Tuesday] night. That’s something I haven’t seen [or] heard Hillary do.”

Payne reminded Greene that the targets of black lawlessness are black people and asked what was wrong with fixing this problem before addressing other issues. Borelli had some things to say about President Barack Obama’s part in all the trouble.

Watch the brief clip to hear Payne’s and Greene’s heated exchange and Borelli’s comments about the president.

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  1. Again, the left brings up that Trump doesn’t believe that Obama should be president because he “wasn’t born here”… how sad they forget that it was Hillary who started this narrative when she was running against Obama back in 2008….