WATCH: Here’s What the Left Just Doesn’t Get About Americans

The Conservative Review’s Deneen Borelli spoke with Fox News’s Charles Payne about the recent tax reform law.

Americans are getting bonuses and raises, thanks to the new law. But there’s something about Americans liberals just don’t get.

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One comment

  1. The liberals don’t realize that people don’t live on their progressive rhetoric. People want their life to be good to them. Like decent housing, a paycheck that will feed and support their family. People want freedom to practice any religion they want, the freedom to express their opinions without ridicule.
    The progressive liberals don’t realize that socialism/communism does not work, yet they try to deconstruct our present day Republic in order to introduce these failed systems. The Democrat party has surrendered to the liberal elites who want the power over the population through government control.
    I believe there will soon be a funeral for the Democrat party if they insist to self-destruct,