WATCH: Here’s Why the Predicted ‘Blue Wave’ Might Not Happen in November

Bill Maher hates President Donald Trump so much, he’s hoping the economy crashes. That’s the one way to get rid of Trump, he said, so please, bring on the recession!

And if you haven’t watched Robert De Niro’s vulgar anti-Trump rant on broadcast TV, you’ve likely heard about it.

These Hollywood elites don’t care that the growing economy is good for working Americans. To these liberals, the “deplorables” don’t matter, the Conservative Review’s Deneen Borelli said. They’re just collateral damage in leftists’ efforts to topple President Trump.

Guess who’s taking credit for the booming economy? Two words: Barack Obama. And surprise, Rep. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t like the good news. “Crumbs,” she called the extra money in people’s paychecks.

Good economic news under this president threatens the so-called Blue Wave in the upcoming midterm elections. Watch the brief clip to hear what liberals really care about.

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  1. You said it, Deneen. Americans are smarter than the Leftist think.

  2. Absootootly, me dawlin’ Deneen! I am a little concerned that too many of us are giving away the only hope these demowhacks have, by clueing them to SHUT UP. What is the best plan when your enemy is helping you ensure their defeat(?), DON’T INTERFERE or, worse, give them ANY hint about what they are doing wrong! WHEN we have actually SECURED/maintained the majority in these midterm elections, I still would not help them figure out, as “the criminal” Clinton has written, and is still wondering, “What Went Wrong.”