WATCH: Is This How Liberal Politicians Make Sure Blacks Keep Voting for Them?

Leftists are out of control. Fueled by soul-deep disappointment that Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton (as did Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary) in the 2016 presidential election, any civility they’ve had dropped sharply. They say and do things they wouldn’t have thought about only two years ago.

But now, black liberals are calling other blacks “Negroes” because they support something other than leftist political drivel.

The Conservative Review’s Deneen Borelli takes them on. Name and shame. Are mainstream media and liberal politicians afraid that Kanye West’s support of President Trump will “break the race card barrier”? We black conservatives all have a story to tell about how we believed the leftist hype that conservatives were racists.

Borelli reminds us that “two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton” back Rep. Maxine Waters’s claims that the Trump White House is “white supremacist.”

Liberal politicians need blacks to stay in office, and Borelli exposes what they do to keep black voters in their place.

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