WATCH: This is What Liberals Think of Black Americans

To claim that requiring a government-issued form of photo identification to vote is “racist” against black Americans is to imply that black Americans are too dumb and/or too lazy to go to the DMV like everyone else.

Americans of all colors, shapes, and sizes need photo identification to conduct personal and business matters in their daily lives. If you want to open a bank account, you must present a photo ID. If you want to buy alcohol or cigarettes, you must prove you’re of legal age with photo ID. If you want to receive government welfare, you must show a photo ID. Applying for an apartment, unemployment, Social Security, and Medicaid all require proof of identity in the form of photo ID.

An individual must present a photo ID card to rent an apartment or a hotel room. Need a life-saving prescription filled? You must show your photo ID to get it.

People don’t have to possess a driver’s license unless they drive. Residents can apply for a non-driver’s license photo ID card, and in some cases, get it for a reduced fee.

But liberals claim that requiring Americans to show photo ID to vote is burdensome for certain racial groups, the elderly, and the “poor.”

Every black American, regardless of political leanings, should be offended by this.

Watch the video below, and listen as these liberals answer the question: Do you think requiring photo ID to vote suppresses the black vote? Then listen to what actual black people have to say.

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  1. Voting and showing ID should go hand in hand, it is not a racist move in any form, the racist theme is a ploy from democrats to have anyone no matter of citizenship or origin from native nation be able to vote in a nation where they are not a citizen so that democrats can seize the house and senate for complete control of the government over the republicans. Voter fraud is a crime, giving voter status to refugees like Obama did when he brought in thousands from the middle east and dropped them on cities in the dead of night and left them at the bus station etc. for the city to take care of. No, this is not about Black Americans people this about the vicious way democrats think they can win any office back.

  2. It is required in my state. How voting, the quintessential requirement for continuing this experiment in a Republic, is NOT better regulated to insure who/whom are casting those “American” votes, and to insure Russians/Chinese/Arabs, or other countries, are NOT electing our leaders, seems to be insanity! Only those NEEDING to affect that vote, in their favor, complain about ‘verifying’ “legal” voters!!

  3. Appease the liberals – no ID required, but all voters will put their finger prints on the ballot.

  4. Totally agree with the above comments! ID
    should be required in order to vote. This is just
    common sense. Good web site. Thanks

  5. This was a great example of calling out the excuses and the absurdity that requiring photo ID’s to vote is somehow unfair to Black Americans. It shows the ignorance of many liberals who have bought in on what has been repeatedly sold to them. Of course, anyone who advocates making everyone show a photo ID is somehow a racist. The young liberals who believe that it is an unjust demand to require Black American’s to show photo ID’s truly believe the excuses they are making because they have heard it repeatedly so therefore it must be true. Of course, they have also been convinced that all Republicans are evil and uncaring. Unfortunately, the misguided young liberals think they are saying something supportive and don’t see how hurtful, disrespectful, and condescending their statements are to Black Americans.
    It is simple requirement, that all Americans should be able to prove that they are who they say they are in order to vote.

  6. OMG, the comments from white ppl are just outrageous and racist to me! Their candid responses show that they really think black people are too dumb to know how to obtain ID, which is just beyond words. Black people need to get out and vote red in droves to show them that we are not sheep, nor stupid. In fact, they drank the kool-aid on that one.

    • Liberals do not want picture IDs required to vote because it will stop their use of shills that they employ to vote illegally or multiple times. IDs will stop them from “stuffing” the ballot box.
      Liberals love minorities – one day a year – election day.