Watch Out, Rioters! Sheriff David Clarke Authorized His Officers to Do This

Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County recently appeared on Fox News to talk about the post-election riots. Liberals lost on November 8, and some took to the streets to destroy property and block traffic.

The sheriff said it’s great day in America after Trump was elected president of the United States and the next commander-in-chief.

“Donald Trump ran on a theme of law and order, and what we’re seeing is pure lawlessness by anarchists. These are no protests. These people do not believe in the United States Constitution, so they don’t even believe in the First Amendment. They don’t believe in the rule of law. They’re trying to topple, to intimidate, and overthrow this lawfully constituted government.”

Sheriff Clarke blamed George Soros for the professional so-called protesters. The sheriff said he has authorized his officers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to use all reasonable force, including the use of rubber bullets, bean bags, flashbangs,  and tear gas to disburse unruly behavior.

What about the people and non-profit organizations behind the riots? They should be responsible for the property damage and personal injury. The sheriff said there are federal and state law violations for inciting riots. The people doing it should be held criminally and civilly liable.

“The problem, though, is that we have an attorney general, Loretta Lynch, who has no will to hold these individuals responsible, and that’s probably on order from the White House,” Sheriff Clarke said. “Secretly, I think, Mrs. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Bernie Sanders are kind of enjoying what they’re seeing right now because these are the tactics that they use.”

Listen to what Sheriff Clarke said about rumors that Trump wants him involved in homeland security.

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  1. Sheriff Clarke, if these protests/riots are privately funded, how do you explain the 1965 or 1992 riots in Los Angeles? Did the “socialists” play a role in those?

    • Yeah. They did. I was a reporter than and I covered the ’65 riots in several cities. The left tried, as they always do, to co-opt any “spontaneous” protest and steer it to their permanent agenda. Power, and if they can’t achieve that, then destruction. Not sure about the genesis of your question, but I’m guessing its framework is support for the present anarchy.

    • Is this what passes for logic now?? The causes of the ’65 and ’92 riots were completely different from the current community organized protest of election results.

  2. As always Sheriff, you once again have law and order and the welfare of your citizens as your primary goal.
    The country would have a great man at the top if you were selected to head Homeland Security, but then again it may be too boring for you. God Bless you and your family Sheriff Clarke

  3. Regardless of what the “protesters” want us to believe, they lost a full and fair election in which most of them didn’t even bother to register or vote. They are, as the article stated, transported and paid for by orgs in thrall to and funded by George “Sewer” Soros. The voters, on the other hand, as Sheriff Clarke notes, were clearly signaling their disgust with the kind of behavior that is largely responsible for the trashing of America’s values and its culture. We absolutely want this kind of caca stopped, and we support ANY legal method by constituted authority for so doing. Please, Mr. Trump, GET IT DONE!