WATCH: Pro-Life Star Parker’s Heated Exchange With Pro-Abortion Feminist

An organization called Young Americans for Freedom invited the Center for Urban Renewal and Education’s (CURE) Star Parker to the California State University, Los Angeles campus to talk about stopping abortion.

After the group put up flyers advertising Star’s appearance, pro-abortion leftists tore them off the walls, and some abortion advocates reportedly urinated on them.

“The YAF video shows that the students tearing down the posters for my event were black,” Star wrote in her recent column. “Perhaps if these young black leftists were capable of humility, and would take a moment to think and learn, they would see the connection between this chaos and the lack of respect for life that a culture of abortion-on-demand encourages.”

Despite the risks to her safety, Star appeared at the event and took questions after her talk.

Make some time today to listen to Star’s entire speech and the Q&A.

The video starts at 31:13, the point where Star begins to speak. She talks about her own abortions on the taxpayers’ dime, her conversion, and the work she does now with CURE to protect the unborn.

Star compares killing babies to American slavery. Like chattel slavery, abortion is a crime against humanity that must be addressed.

NOTE: During her presentation, Star reads the names of women who’ve died in abortion clinics since 2000. Catherine Davis of the Restoration Project compiled the list.

There’s a heated exchange during Q&A between Star and an abortion supporter who seems to be passionate about the death of unborn babies that begins at 1:16:22.

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  1. Good job and I enjoyed watching this. I feel I learned something more today, thanks.

  2. I had heard of Star Parker, but until now, had never heard her. Today, I heard her and I’m impressed. She has the abortion argument nailed down, but more importantly, she, in a subtle way, introduced or reiterated the argument that without a creator, we are all animals. Without acknowledging that we are created, we are able to freely do whatever we want to our fellow human. If our fellow humans are just bags of cells that grew out of the dirt at random, then killing them for our own gain should be O.K. However, if our fellow humans were created by the same creator that created us, then causing harm to them would be destroying our creator’s work. Killing a baby is destroying God’s work. Killing a man is destroying God’s work. Enslaving a man is violating God’s determination that all people should be free. Without a creator, we are left to our own ways to deal with each other, without consequence. I can stab you in the heart today because you are just another human. But, if I have to answer to my creator as to why I killed a person, then I may hesitate to carry out my intention. Our law reflects that. You can’t kill another without serious legal repercussions. Well, at least not anyone that is already born. It’s open game on the unborn.