WATCH: Sheriff David Clarke’s Powerful Message to Gun Grabbers — Obama Included

Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, recently spoke at the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) annual leadership forum.

The “people’s sheriff,” law enforcement advocate, and Black Lives Matter critic reminded the audience that President Barack Obama’s “reign of terror” over our freedom, our Constitution, and our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms will be over soon.

Why does the left treat the Second Amendment like the “bastard child of the Bill of Rights,” the sheriff asked. It’s not about reducing mass murders, suicides, or street-level violence.

Sheriff Clarke said it’s not really about gun control, either. It’s about political power — government control over our lives. He called the left anti-gun bigots. To gain control, the left knows it needs to defeat citizen-based organizations like the NRA.

“For most of our nearly 240 years as a constitutional republic, the right to keep and bear arms was never seriously questioned,” he said. “It’s only been in about the last 30 or 40 years that this inalienable right has been challenged. We have been conditioned by freedom-loathing gun haters away from gun ownership and even gun possession.”

Humans have used weapons against threats and to provide daily sustenance.  Some of the weapons eventually became firearms.

Sheriff Clarke talked about why the founders created the Constitution, what it limits, and who it empowers. An armed citizenry keeps government in check as a guard against tyranny. He talked about Nazi Germany disarming Jews and the government disarming black American slaves. Switzerland’s tradition of ensuring that every man was armed and ready to organize as a militia of total resistance played a significant role in discouraging a Nazi invasion.

Self-defense, even with firearms, is a natural right. Survival is the first law of nature, Sheriff Clarke said, because we have an inherent desire to survive.

“Folks, my ancestors fought hard and shed blood for the right keep and bear arms for self-defense, and I am not going to cede that right back to the federal government or any level of government, for that matter. And neither should you.”

Sheriff Clarke concludes with a call to action for Second Amendment-supporting citizens. His NRA speech (almost 19 minutes) is worth every minute.

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One comment

  1. AMEN, BROTHER!! Short of a national “Constitutional Carry” law, the very least our elected pols could do would be as Sheriff Clarke suggests, provide a national “reciprocity CCW” law! “I would rather be facing a felony weapons charge, and have my parents alive….” Dr. Suzanna Gratia Hupp testimony before congress

    Dr. Hupp’s lament is my credo, as I bury NOT my firearm at ANY state border. Not wishing to be a scofflaw, I also refuse to give up my “God Given Right” to self-defense of my self or mine, due to some misguided, illegal, law!