WATCH: Should Trump Walk Back His Comments About Immigration from the Third World?

What does Ken Blackwell, former Trump transition team member, have to say about the president’s recent comments on immigration from certain third-world countries?

Should President Donald Trump apologize or walk back his remarks? Blackwell is on MSNBC, the host is a liberal, and the exchange is a bit frustrating, but check it out:

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  1. I have previously stated that Shumer and Pelosi should be given a 6 month fact finding assignment living in Somalia.
    America needs to allow people who can work for themselves once they immigrate to the Republic. We need those that have specialized education and trades.
    We need those that want to be American, those that want to assimilate into main stream America.
    We do not need those that just want to live on welfare and other government handouts their entire stay and live in an enclave of like people. We have enough people of our own living off the worker.
    We need to ensure that every person given the opportunity to come to this country has had the most screening possible to prevent those that want to destroy us from landing on our shores or crossing our boarders.
    President Trump needs 100% support in his efforts to reform the immigration system.

  2. Ken Blackwell deserves a special award for putting up with such a dim-witted news reporter with a one-track mind. If Schumer & Pelosi want to “prove” that they are law-abiding, they should start by voting for a 4-phase immigration plan: (1) Enforce existing laws; (2) strengthen border security (agents, procedures, fences, walls, technology, etc.); (3) Make concrete laws against chain migration, visa lottery, anchor babies, & visa overstays; (4) phase out DACA in a humane way: fund their return to countries of origin, with a “clean” immigration for those who qualify.