WATCH: This is What Alveda King Said About Third-World ‘Hellhole’ Leaders

President Donald Trump made candid remarks about immigration from certain third world countries, some of which the U.S. State Department advises Americans to reconsider visiting. Naturally, liberals and others who don’t like him called him a racist.

When everything is “racist,” a Fox News host asked Dr. Alveda King, doesn’t it cheapen what her uncle, Martin Luther King, fought against?

“Racism is just a word that’s being bandied and thrown about and thrown at the president, in my opinion, unjustly,” Dr. King said. “President Trump is not a racist.”

She was with the president when he recently signed legislation making her uncle’s birthplace in Atlanta a national historic park. Dr. King said it’s outrageous to call President Trump a racist, a man who continues to acknowledge the significant work of her uncle in a positive way.

Was the president referring to the people of those third world countries, or to the leaders? Watch the clip:

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  1. Martin Luther King Day reminds me to pray for the racial divide in this nation that is getting worse, not better. Prejudice has nothing to do with the color of the skin and everything to do with the condition of the heart. If our hearts belong to God we will not see color as a divider, but a thing of beauty.

    • I absolutely agree with you Connie Beaty. Our Lord God loves color; He created color in much of His Creation. And when we are open He colors our heart with love for all mankind.

  2. The “white horse” and rider: (Rev.6)” and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.”
    A bow, with no arrows. It is armed with a flood of lies; including accusations of race (ism). This is intended to control speech, and require proof – that the accused is not hating.
    Ephe.6:10-17 informs us exactly Whom, we are at war with.
    Minus the “whole armour of the LORD, we are urinating into the wind.

  3. Thank you Dr King. Yours is always a positive message in the same vein as your uncle. God Bless and keep up the great work you are doing.