WATCH: Star Parker On Just How Much 'Blacks Lives Matter' to Democrats

Star Parker appeared on CNN the morning after the Democratic candidate debate to discuss just how much liberals care about black lives. The other guest was Patti Solis Doyle, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager.

And Star didn’t waste time getting to the bottom line.

“Well, we had five, white, wealthy liberals trying to convince us — to one-up each other — that black lives matter so much to them that they’re going to do more of the same: big government. They’re going to have more policy to trap them in poor communities. They’re going to have more policies to trap them in failing schools. They’re going to ensure policies that Planned Parenthood continues to traffick in their potential…[babies’] body parts. And then they’re going to let more criminals out on the street, while at the same time make sure that black lives won’t be able to defend themselves, because they’re going to take away what’s left of the Second Amendment rights.”

Star added that Democrats have been in control of black communities for the past 50 years. “And look where we are.”

Liberal policies don’t help low-income blacks. So why do people keep voting against their interests? Listen to the brief clip to hear Star’s response.

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  1. Education is the key to black lives,until that happens every thing else will stay the same, Liberal’s talk but then won’t to take away the school’s that are doing the education.

  2. If folks would just watch and share this documentary… to everyone. there is possibly the chance of us ALL coming together. The Agenda must be exposed. Watch through the whole thing; Shine the light on the truth.

    • Yes, Shirley… “Knowledge is the key” Imagine how things would be is these videos where still shown in schools today. Imagine how mush stronger WE would be as a nation and to think, our very own Government know just knows how to divide us. Social restructuring aka “Fundamental transformation of America”
      I would say, “UNITED WE STAND through knowledge, DIVIDE We FALL when those that do not know are doomed to repeat.”

  3. Black lives matter to Democrats. And have since LBJ and his “Great Society”. As long as blacks shut up, continue to sell their future dreams for tax funded, government stipends. Never stray from the plantation. And vote Democrat whenever the need arises.

  4. Black women Diamond and Silk issue challenge to all Black Democrats: ‘Ditch Democrat Plantation’

    Ie; Wake up Black people, get out of your Democrat bought and paid for Democrat govt political loyalty slavery, and start being your own sovereign individual, who makes your own determining factor of and for your ownselves, your own destiny, your own prosperity in life.

  5. As a former rabid liberal, now conservative I get it. The better educated of us promote the liberal narrative out of economic and political expediency. As for the rest of us the reasons are far less sinister in that we’ve simply misinterpreted the malicious domestic policies of liberal politics as benevolent guardianship.