WATCH: Star Parker Says Americans Need to Be Repulsed By This

On EWTN, I was asked what I thought about Congress taking so long to defund Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion center.

We need to move from just talking about protecting life to actually protecting life. We must move from being pro-life to becoming anti-abortion again and STOP this crime against humanity.

In the interview, I say that Americans need to be repulsed with what abortion does to our country. How many opportunities do we need to test ourselves?

— We have Kermit Gosnell.
— We have the selling of baby body parts.
— We have $550 million in taxpayer money going straight to Planned Parenthood.

When is enough going to be enough for Americans?!

It’s time to force politicians AND pro-lifers to become more anti-abortion instead of parading themselves as pro-lifers while filling the coffers every year of American’s largest abortion center!

Please watch this important video and send it to your friends — especially your pro-life and anti-abortion friends — so we can pressure Washington, DC to fulfill their campaign promises.

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  1. Star Parker is 100% right. We are ANTI-ABORTION, not just “pro-life.”