WATCH: The Real Crisis with Food Stamps is THIS Group — Not the Poor

Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss the Trump administration’s plan to overhaul the food stamp program.

Under reform, the government would require states to enforce work requirements. The target: able-bodied adults with no dependents.

“I know it’s in vogue for everyone to hate the president,” Star said, “but he’s doing some amazing things for the poor, and this is one of those say ‘Hey, we’re going to give you a little nudge. We’re going to give you a little help. Let’s open up the economy in your own lives so that you can prosper.'”

The crisis isn’t the poor, Star said. It’s mostly able-bodied, non-working men. They’re mostly “disconnected from family, and we’re rewarding this behavior.”

Why are fewer people on food stamps now than when Barack Obama was president? Listen to Star’s response.

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  1. Agreed with Ms Parker. Able bodied non-working men AND women milk the system. I do not know if this is still the case, but students attending college out of high school are or were also using EBT debit cards and foodstamps. These students had no children nor were they disabled.

  2. Brenda Sills-Pugh

    I pray for President Trump as this country has been headed in the wrong direction for years! This president is such a blessing & I will ride the TRUMP Train until the end.